Anika Pyle

Anika Pyle was kind enough to accompany us on this episode of Grrrl Talk. From growing up in bands like Chumped and Katie Ellen, Anika has showcased her range of talent to a wide audience over the years.

With her poetic nature and compelling-yet-poignant approach to songs, Anika’s solo journey has provided listeners with something truly beautiful. Anika released her debut solo full-length, Wild River, on February 12, 2021. Showing true talent, Anika lets her vulnerability flow through the lyrics and melodies of her songs. The presence of visceral songwriting abilities paired with the message of “accepting your failures,” Anika Pyle provides us with hope.

On this episode, we spoke with Anika about her childhood, self-discovery, creativity, Wild River, her Patreon, and of course, The Spice Girls!

Check it out!

Follow Anika Pyle on Instagram at @anikasneaka, @anikasneaka on Twitter, and Anika Pyle on Facebook. You can purchase “Wild River” here.