Augusta Koch

Augusta Koch has been a staple in the Philadelphia music scene for over ten years. She was the former leader of the band, Cayetana, and is now the frontwoman for Gladie, a collaboration between her and Three Man Cannon’s Matt Schimelfenig. A partnership between the two that has been years in the making, Gladie was initially started as a side project in the late 2010’s. Now, in 2020, they’ve released a number of EPs throughout the year, from Orange Peels to Raw Nerve, along with their first full length album, Safe Sins.

On this episode of Grrrl Talk, we sat down with Koch as we are guided through her musical journey, from earlier works (such as Cayetana) to her current project, Gladie. Gladie displays heartfelt concepts in their work, along with simplistic melodies to accompany those songs. Their 2020 full-length, Safe Sins, portrays grief and healing in a realistic way that everyone’s ears should listen to at least once. This interview became a truly interesting time, as we veered off and discussed topics such as reality tv, ghost stories, and of course, The Spice Girls.

Check it out!

Follow August Koch and Gladie on Instagram at @guffy212 / @gladie_band, and @glad_eee on Twitter. You can purchase Gladie’s latest EP, Raw Nerve, here.