Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Photo by Jason Cook

Bad Cop/Bad Cop, from San Pedro, California, has seen and done it all. Coming from different backgrounds and life experiences, they’ve been united on empowering those around them over the last ten years. Their songs speak of the good, the bad, and the ugly, ranging from topics such as drug addiction, mental health, gender dysphoria, equal opportunity, and self-love. But above all else, they advocate for everyone to live as their genuine, true self.

These four talented ladies have proven their staying power and versatility with such albums as Not Sorry (2015) and Warriors (2017). They released their most musically diverse album yet, with 2020’s The Ride, showing their growth and creativity thus far.

On this episode of Grrrl Talk, we sat down with our pals Jennie, Stacey, Linh, and Myra for a very special, fun-filled episode. We talk about their progression over the last 10 years, the power of friendship, self-love, and how there really is no destination, there’s only the ride.

Check it out!

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