Cristy Road

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Photo by Lissette Carrera

Cristy C. Road, frontwoman for Choked Up, artist, and activist, made her presence known in the punk scene as a teenager with her fanzine, Greenzine. Since then, she’s contributed countless illustrations to political organizations, album and book covers, web and print publications, and more. She’s published three illustrated novels: Indestructible, Miami: Bad Habits, and Spit and Passion. She’s also the creator of Next World Tarot, a tarot deck which features radical characters of diverse cultures, colors, and sexualities. Her artwork is revolutionary and serves as a visual soundtrack for societal issues and Latinx culture.

In this episode of Grrrl Talk, we sit down with Cristy Road to discuss her intro into the punk, the representation of diversity in her tarot deck, Next Work Tarot, how her art serves as a call to action against societal norms and gender roles.

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