Kiri Oliver (Early Riser)

Early Riser

Named after an opera singer, Kiri Oliver was predestined for greatness. As 1/4 of the band Early Riser, Kiri and Heidi Vanderlee brought an interesting aspect into the scene - cello, multiple layered harmonies, and hopeful inspiration. As her love for music progressed and evolved, Kiri also got involved in making art, and has been utilizing that toward a number of projects (including Early Riser’s new album cover).

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Early Riser have just released their most recent album, Vocations, on A-F Records. Full of upbeat melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, as well as creative music videos to accompany them, Vocations is quite the adventure, from beginning to end. Oliver, Vanderlee, bassist Nicole Nussbaum and drummer Mikey Erg all put their best effort forward to create this intriguing piece of art.

We were happy to be joined by Kiri on this episode of Grrrl Talk, who discussed her upbringing, the new record, her passions, as well as how to channel your creativity, and how to combat the need to be perfect.

Check it out!

Follow Early Riser on Instagram at @earlyriserr, @earlyriserband on Twitter, and Early Riser on Facebook. You can purchase “Vocations” here.