Mike Natoli (Timeshares)

Photo by Andrew Wells

On this episode of Grrrl Talk, we spoke with Mike Natoli, bassist and one of the vocalists of the band Timeshares. Timeshares, a Fest staple band, have impressively shown their growth as they experiment with new sounds over the years. Their 2011 breakthrough album, Bearable, along with 2015’s Already Dead showcases the range that Timeshares possesses. Their most recent efforts have been a couple sister EP’s, as well as their killer new song “The Boot (GTFO)”, a good riddance to Trump.

Mike was kind enough to guide us through the band’s inception, formation, and everything in between. A true Renaissance man, Mike also coaches hockey, is in charge of merch logistics, and loves Rachel Maddow.

Check it out!

Follow Timeshares on Instagram at @timeshares, @timesharesmusic, on Twitter, and Timeshares on Facebook. You can find their latest single, “The Boot (GTFO), here.