Nicolle Maroulis (Hit Like a Girl)

Photo by Emily Berger

Hit Like a Girl was originally the solo project of Nicolle Maroulis. Maroulis pours their emotions out into their songs, and sings about heart-wrenching topics such as the intertwining of love and misery.

When Nicolle isn’t churning out these musical excerpts of love, they are showing love and support in a different way. In 2016, Nicolle founded the non-profit organization, No More Dysphoria. No More Dysphoria was “created with the goal of helping transgender individuals pay for major aspects of their transition” ( These aspects of an individual’s transition are life saving and identity-affirming.

The Montclair, New Jersey native also just released an amazing new record, Heart Racer, on April 2nd. This record, which deals with “self doubt and self-actualization”, will tug on the heartstrings of any and every listener.

On this episode of Grrrl Talk, we were fortunate enough to be joined by Nicolle Maroulis. We chatted about the evolution of Hit Like a Girl, music videos, hobbies, as well as questioning how the media can be more inclusive toward LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals.

Check it out!

Follow Nicolle Maroulis and No More Dysphoria on Instagram at @hitlikeagirlnj / @nomoredysphoria, @hitlikeagirlnj on Twitter, and Hit Like a Girl on Facebook. You can purchase “Heart Racer” here. You can keep up with No More Dysphoria here.