Photo by Lorien Lamarr (Shutter Crust)

Ramona describes themselves as sad, sloppy, poppy, indie punk you can dance to. With their 2019 rager – Deals, Deals, Deals (Red Scare Industries) sealing their fate as punk rock staples, (Seattle-born), Philly-based Ramona (Diego, Abby and Shannon) prove that having fun and vocalizing issues can go hand-in-hand. With such singles as “I’m Not Your Token” and “Panama by Van Halen,” Ramona emphasize the trials and tribulations of tokenization, mental health, and everything in between. They show musical growth and maturation on their latest record, while still not departing fully from their earlier sound, prevalent on their 2016 EP, Sad Brunch.

In this episode of Grrrl Talk, we sit down with Abby, Diego, and Shannon to discuss ramen, making the perfect music video, Beastie Boys cover sets, customized track suits, influences, as well as Abby’s distaste for Steampunk.

Check it out!

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