Suzie True

Suzie True, a self-described three-piece crybaby pop-punk band from Los Angeles, initially started off as a bedroom project for songwriter Lexi McCoy. With the addition of G Leonardo and Sarah Pineapple on drums, the trio spent time playing around California before releasing their debut EP, Nothing to You, on Buzz Records in 2018.

Fast forward to 2020, where the threesome are getting ready to release their first full-length album. We caught up with McCoy and Leonardo for our first episode of Grrrl Talk, where we discussed their upcoming record, Saddest Girl at the Party (out 11/27 on Get Better Records). We also touched base on the importance of friendship, influences, sleepovers, and nostalgia.

Check it out!

You can follow Suzie True on Instagram at @suzietrueband, @suzietruband on Twitter and Suzie True on Facebook. You can purchase Saddest Girl at the Pary, out on 11/27, here.