The Dirty Nil

Photo by Sam Tomlinson

The Dirty Nil, from Ontario, Canada, have proven to be a force over the last decade. With their adrenaline-pumping, 80’s metal riffs, pop-punk presentation, and fun-loving antics, they’ve taken pride in not fitting into any specific genre. They’re here to play music and have fun.

On this episode of Grrrl Tak, we sit down with Luke (vocals/guitar), Ross (bass), and Kyle (drums). We discuss their new album, Fuck Art, which came out Jan. 1st on Dine Alone Records, their longevity within the scene, missed tour moments, and what they look forward to the most when they’re able to play live again.

Check it out!

Follow The Dirty Nil on Instagram at @thedirtynil, @thedirtynil on Twitter, and The Dirty Nil on Facebook. You can purchase “Fuck Art” here.