The Homeless Gospel Choir

Photo by Rob Larson

“You only live once...or twice”, those are the wise words of Derek Zanetti, also known as The Homeless Gospel Choir. We were quite honored to have Derek join us for this episode of Grrrl Talk, in which he was thoroughly entertaining.

Derek’s project, The Homeless Gospel Choir, is full of exuberant songs, dealing with such topics as: advocacy, self-love, and politics. THGC’s most recent record, This Land is Your Landfill, was released in early 2020, on A-F Records, with a full-band of friends (including Ogikubo Station’s Maura Weaver and Megan Schroer).

In this episode, the Pittsburgh-native discusses his religious upbringing, how he discovered punk, speaking your truth, how self-love can be a political statement, as well as the importance of friendship.

Check it out!