The Moore Family Band

Photo by Natalia Neira

On this episode of Grrrl Talk, we welcome the Moore Family Band!

Shortly after heading back to their family home in the Bay Area when the pandemic hit, Alyssa (vocals), Randy (guitar/bass) and Dylan (drums) formed the Moore Family Band.

Randy and Dylan (of Get Married) already had a previously solid rapport with Mike Park, which led to Asian Man Records releasing the trio’s debut full-length, Missy (named after the family dog).

Their debut record is filled with solid tracks, complete with tight instrumentals and impressive vocals (and small surprise cameos). Anyone who takes the time to listen to this record will thoroughly enjoy it.

On this episode of Grrrl Talk we discuss family dynamics, various hobbies, hidden Easter eggs, working with Dan Andriano, and try to answer the question, what constitutes the “perfect record?”

Check it out!

Follow The Moore Family Band on Instagram at @moorefamilyband, @moorefamilyband on Twitter, and The Moore Family Band on Facebook. You can purchase “Missy” here.